saw the news from the newspaper about the activity yesterday.
just wanna tell u all how happy and grateful i am to have u all came to support me in the rainy day like this. u guys certainly truly are the best!! i lub y'all!!
大家不要在意 下大雨天就算只有三人或是三百人 我都會最賣力的跳 賣力的唱 get down down down ^^b 我很開心也很感動 有淋到雨的大家要記得多喝薑加水 我媽說的 還可以加點紅糖 或是溫水加檸檬切片 對了 感謝唱片公司讓我開到 Aston Martin 感謝周董願意讓我坐他的蝙蝠車 want me to be Robin! word! i feel ya!! just another thought may i be ironman instead?haha^^ 相信周董很快就會定做ㄧ套鋼鐵裝 借來穿ㄧ下嘛 jk
lata goodnite ladies and gentleman im out~~
thats me in the rite


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